Giving back to God


I was recently asked about my relationship with Jesus.  I actually have to say that I don’t feel that I have one.  That isn’t to say that I don’t believe in Jesus, because I absolutely do.  As a matter of fact I cover the birth of Jesus in my second book ‘Animals of the New Testament.’

I will say, though, that I have a very strong relationship with God.  One of my earliest memories with my mother was making the beds in the house in the morning and then kneeling to say morning prayers.

Also related to prayers, I found myself in an interesting situation one evening.  I had worked for a doctor for a while between high school and post-secondary school.  Dr. Sullivan visited with me in Ottawa a little while after I moved from Pembroke.  After dinner, he gave me two choices.  One could attend an AA meeting or a prayer group meeting.  I had never been to either, but opted for the prayer group meeting as I was not really comfortable attending an AA meeting, never having been around anyone who might resemble and alcoholic.

It was a lovely meeting with this small group. They asked if I would like them to pray for me and never missing an opportunity to draw on others strengths, I agreed.  As one of the women walked behind me to place her hands on my head, she actually jumped back!  She told me that the Holy Spirit was very strong in me!

Since I was only about 21 at the time, I have to admit that this pronouncement was a bit scary, as I never felt any more special than anyone else. With that knowledge, I have always felt that there is more that I should be giving back to the world than I have been.

It has only taken about 30 years, but I now know that the talent that I need to share is writing.  Since I have always felt closest to small children, I thought that writing for children would best use the writing talents I have.


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