My goals as a writer


As a writer, of course, my main goal is to write something that people are interested in reading.

Specifically in my case, at least for the moment, my goal is to write Bible stories from an animal’s point of view that four and five year olds enjoy listening to and learn the Bible stories from.  I am feeling compelled to write these stories, so I am hoping that it means that there is an audience out there that wants to hear them.

I should point out that this is not my day job.  This is likely the case for most writers.  I am also not writing expecting to, or even particularly wanting to, become famous.  This is not some scheme to try to become rich and famous.  I like to write and I hope that what I write is of interest to a few folks.

I have one book now published, “Animals of the Old Testament” and one book for which all the illustrations are now done and should be out within the month.  The latter is “Animals of the New Testament.”  I have also just finished “More Animals of the Old Testament,” and once I have edited it a few dozen times, I’ll get it to my editor.  You may notice a pattern here, so of course, the next one I will write will be “More Animals of the New Testament.”

For the moment, I only have the four planned, at least for this year.  I am, however, considering “Even More Animals of the Old Testament” and “Even More Animals of the New Testament.”

For those of you not familiar with them, each book has six stories in it and each story is under 800 words, so they are great for a quick read.  I have also, at least so far, not had to repeat an animal.  I don’t think I can sustain that, as there are only so many animals to work into stories that were living in the area that the stories took place.

The feedback I am getting so far has been really great and I even got my first royalty check (Wahoo!).  Fortunately, I am not expecting to retire on royalties!  I just want the stories to be enjoyed.Image


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