Book Two



I have to say that when I wrote the first story, I wasn’t quite sure where I was going with it.

I had an idea to write Bible stories from an animal’s point of view and started with four stories.  My first story was about a mouse that lived under the manger that Jesus slept in and then the next three were stories from the Old Testament.  It seemed that the effort to get each individual story published was too much, since I was self publishing, so my angel guided me to put six stories together for a book.

That, of course meant that I had to write three more Old Testament stories, and the rest just seemed to come together.  I sent six Old Testament stories to AuthorHouse and “Animals of the Old Testament” got published.  I then wrote five stories to go with the mouse and baby Jesus story and “Animals of the New Testament” was a reality.  This second book is now published as well and I even have “More Animals of the Old Testament” with AuthorHouse right now, and the very talented Beth is working on the illustrations.

I have “More Animals of the New Testament” planned and will get it done in the coming months.  It has been an exciting journey.  AuthorHouse has been amazing in getting each book out and I am eternally grateful to everyone who has helped me to make this a reality.

After book four, I’m not sure where I will go.  Can I manage another couple of books and make it six books each with six stories?  We shall see.  Should I begin another project?  Well, I’m hoping for some angelic guidance on that one.

I think I may have pointed out a blog or two ago that I have been working in IT for over 30 years.  I can actually retire in May of this year, but since I still have a daughter in university until the end of 2015, I shall continue to work at my day job until then.  Depending on how well these books are received, it can become a major focus for me when I retire.

For now, stay tuned for “More Animals of the Old Testament” coming out late May or early June and “More Animals of the New Testament” by the end of the year, at the latest!


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