Great Folks in My Life


I thought my blog should speak to all of the great people in my life.  All have been great blessings to me in one way or another.

I was adopted.  I have always known that, and my family is very near and dear to my heart.  I am the second oldest of eight kids in this family and six of us are adopted.  My parents adopted three of us, had two of their own and then adopted three more.  All of us who were adopted, were six months or younger when we came to be Warrens.

We are all proud to be Warrens and even though our numbers have started to diminish, we still get together when we can.  We lost our mother to cancer in 2005 and we miss her dearly.  We lost our oldest brother also to cancer.

Also part of the Warrens, although they carry their father’s name, are my two daughters.  I have raised them on my own since their father left when my youngest was four months old.  We are very close and although they both live on their own now, we talk all the time and get together often.

In my list of good folks, of course, I must include my life partner Cavan.  I have actually known him for almost 30 years.  He moved into the townhouse next door to me back then, but unfortunately for both of us, I married his roommate, so our life together was delayed for almost 20 years!

Some of the other good folks in life include my good friend Iris, who I have known since I was in grade 11, 40 years ago!  She hasn’t changed a bit and even though she lives across the country, we still have a great time when we get together.

Another great friend is Viv.  Viv is my favorite bibliophile.  I have known Viv for almost 30 years, and although she is more than 30 years my senior, she is one of my dearest friends.  Two years ago, I moved about an hour outside of Toronto, but Viv and I still get together almost every week.

There are also, of course, my colleagues and co-workers, who are great.  I especially want to point out my boss, who, although he is in a different city, is one of the best bosses I have ever had.  Yesterday, I was sick and he called to tell me to shut down the laptop and take the day to get well.

I am so very blessed to have so many great people in my life!


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