My Fondest Dream


Dreams change over time, but right now, my fondest dream is to retire.

I have worked at the same company for 30 years. Now, I do like the people, and I do like what I do, but I am so ready for a change!  Since last August, I have been working on writing in my spare time.  I now have two Christian children’s books out, another with the illustrator and one just itching to work its way from my brain to the computer.

After over 30 years in the IT business, I’m ready to have a little rest and relaxation and focus more on the writing.  It should be noted that for the last 20 years of my life, I have been living with multiple sclerosis.  At least it was just over 20 years ago I got my diagnosis.

Add to all that fun stuff, that I became a single mother about a year before the diagnosis of MS!  So, life has not been without its challenges.  Please don’t take that as whining.  God does not give us more than we can handle and so far, I have been able to handle it all.

This week, while I was away in Calgary for business, I received an e-mail from my ex-husband to remind me that support for our youngest daughter ends when she turns 22 in June.  Kaitlyn still has another year of university.  But then there is the right thing to do and then there is that.  I’m afraid that many ex-husbands are not known for doing the right thing.  Now, I will point out that he has been paying child support all along, although the amount never changed.

So, will we manage?  Of course!  God will find a way and once my lovely daughter has finished university, I will be able to afford to retire!  Did I mention that I am actually eligible to retire in 19 days?  But who’s counting? 

My gift to God is my writing and I will get some more done before I retire and then focus more on it when I do retire!


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