Spring has Sprung!


Okay, I am over my little funk.  I am so glad, because it just wasn’t me.  Spring is in the air and it was a beautiful day yesterday and again today.  I have always been counting my blessings and I finding more every day.

I have three books published, although I really need to get moving on marketing.  I know that I have chosen a really small audience, but I really feel that the books will touch children, the way traditional Bible stories haven’t quite been able to do.

Book four, I have promised myself to get to the publisher by the end of this weekend and then there will be a full set of four, when it comes out.

Those of you who have seen snippets on Twitter and Facebook probably know, but to summarize:  Each book has six stories.  Books one and three are from the Old Testament and books two and four are from the New Testament.  So, all in all (if you are counting), there are 24 stories (12 Old Testament and 12 New Testament). 

So far, I have not needed to repeat an animal!  Mind you, there are a couple of different birds (a dove and a raven) and kind of two goats (one referred to as just goat and one a ram), but the rest are all totally unique.

I have decided to leave it at four books, although I will plan out two more and just see what the demand is.  I would like to see children enjoy them and understand the Bible stories they represent, better than children have in the past.  I know several mothers personally, who read them to their kids and the kids just love them.

Here is my little pitch.  The first three are available on the Amazon sites, notably amazon.com and amazon.ca, but also .co.uk, .fr, .de, .jp and several other non-Amazon sites.  Please purchase the books and read them to your little ones.  You and the little ones will enjoy the stories, I promise!


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