Time for Change


Sometimes, single moms have difficulty letting their kids get out on their own.  My kids have been living on their own for about two years now.  They live in their own places and have each moved once, to be closer to downtown Toronto.

I can’t say that I don’t miss them, but I am very proud of both of them.

My oldest is a very talented hairstylist.  Alysse has already worked at a few different places since she graduated college.  Her greatest talent is the styling and she is happiest when she is dong the hair for a wedding.  Alysse has worked on several weddings and is now making the connections to be able to transition to doing weddings full time.  She is amazing and I say that not just because I am her mother, but because I have seen her work and heard the praise for it.

So, the change for Alysse will be getting into the Toronto wedding scene.  I wish her well.  Her talent will help her, so she just needs to make the connections to enable it support her.

My youngest is just finishing her Bachelor of Commerce at Ryerson University.  She is one very smart cookie.  Kaitlyn has struggled with dyslexia all her life, so studying is hard for her, but she is actually borderline gifted, so she always manages to find a way to do what she needs to do.  It’s harder for her than for students that are not dyslexic but dyslexia is actually a gift and will serve her well in life.  Those who are dyslexic think differently from the rest of us folks and it gives them an advantage in the working world, just not in education.

Kaitlyn’s change this year was her move earlier this month and she is also interviewing for another job at Holt Renfrew.  She already works there, but because she wants to be a buyer, she needs to experience as much in the retail world as she can.

I wish them both well and pray for their success!  They both deserve it and have earned it.


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