Friday Morning


Not a full blog, but it’s a quiet Friday morning and I am now working a 9/80 pattern at work, so I have the day off. I work 80 hours over 9 days (9 hours a day Monday to Thursday and 8 hours the first Friday of the two weeks and 0 hours of the second).
Next year will be my last full year of work before I retire, so I’m going to take the day off on my 8 hour Friday, which means I only work 4 day weeks next year!
We also get SDOs (Scheduled Days Off). One per month and you can’t carry it forward. You use it, or you lose it! So, with 6 weeks vacation (30 days) and 12 SDOs, I still have about four weeks vacation, even with all my Fridays off!
Well, I had better make good use of my days off. More time for writing and trying to reach the best audience for my books!
God bless and good reading!


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