Book One Story One


This is a bit unusual, but this blog is going to be the first story of my first book.  I own the copyright, but I thought I would share it to see what folks think about it.

A very long time ago, in fact it was well over 2000 years ago; there lived a lovely little white dove named Miriam.

Miriam lived in the beautiful olive tree behind the home of Noah and his wife Emzara.  Every day Noah or Emzara would set out seeds to feed Miriam and often, they would chat with Miriam.  They spoke of how disappointed they were with everyone they met.  Everyone was so very wicked and did not pray to God every day, like they did.

Both Noah and Emzara were very kind people and would even pray in their garden when the weather was good.  Miriam liked to hear their prayers and knew how kind and wonderful God was. 

One day, Noah told Miriam of a flood that God was sending and that he had been asked by God to build a huge ship called an ark. God had told Noah that the ark must be big enough for all of his family and two of every kind of animal in the world.  Noah asked if Miriam would help him to gather the animals when it was time to load the ark.

Miriam knew that this was a very important job and now, Miriam had Ezra, who was a mate for her.  Ezra was also very kind and gentle and Noah told Miriam how happy he was to have Ezra helping Miriam to gather the animals, when the ark was ready.

Miriam had also met the three strong sons of Noah and Emzara.  Ham, Shem and Japheth were going to help with the building of the huge ark.  Miriam knew how very happy God would be to have all of them building the ark.  Ham, Shem and Japheth and their wives would also be on the ark with Noah and Emzara as well as Miriam and Ezra.

It was a lot of work to build something so big, but all of them worked very hard every day except Sunday, while Miriam and Ezra flew overhead and watched.  Just as Noah and his sons were finishing the ark, Miriam heard God tell Noah that the rain would start very soon and would not stop for forty days and forty nights. God told them that they would all be safe and dry on the ark.

While Noah and his family were gathering food and water, Miriam and Ezra began to gather the animals.  All the animals were very happy to be chosen to be on the ark and were all very kind to each other.  From the largest elephant to the tiniest ant, Miriam and Ezra brought animals from every corner of the earth.  The animals walked, flew, hopped or slithered their way onto the ark, just as the rain began to fall.

When Miriam and Ezra made sure that Noah and his family, all the food and water and all the pairs of animals were aboard the ark, there was a mighty crash, as God himself closed the ark door, ready for the flood.  That was when the rain got very heavy. 

Just as God had told Noah, it rained for forty days and forty nights and all of the land disappeared, even the tallest mountains.  Every creature, large and small, was warm and dry in the ark.  Even when God sent the strong winds to dry up the earth, all of God’s creatures were safe aboard the ark.

One day, the ark finally stopped floating and everyone knew that soon, there would be land and that everyone would be able to leave the ark.  It was soon after that that Noah called on Miriam again for help.  He asked her to fly out and see if it was safe to leave the ark yet.  Miriam brought back an olive branch and Noah knew that very soon it would be time to leave the ark.

Sometime later, Noah sent Miriam out again, but this time asked Ezra to go with her and when they did not return, Noah knew that they had found somewhere to land and build a nest.  It was time for everyone to leave the ark and find a new home!

The same as the animals came onto the ark, they left, two by two, walking, crawling, flying and slithering. The sun shone down brightly and everyone was happy to see the bright new world that was clean and fresh.

Noah and his family built an altar and as they all knelt down and thanked God for keeping them safe and dry on the ark, Miriam and Ezra flew down to pray with them.  They all thanked God for bringing them through the rain to this beautiful new world. 

Copyright 2013


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