Author Week!


Good Saturday morning!  My, how the weeks fly by.  In two weeks. I shall be doing my packing for The Walk Cruise with my dear friend and favorite bibliophile Viv and, of course, Richard Paul Evans.

Viv is an avid reader.  I would say that I am as well, but since I still work full time, I cannot match her rate of about four to eight books per week.  I read when I can, work because I must, clean when the dust bunnies start to take over and write because I am guided to do so.  So, at least for now, I don’t read as much as I would like, because there are other things demanding my attention.

Viv and I have our favorite authors.  Everyone has their favorites, I’m sure!  There are many, but two of those that must have special mention are Richard Paul Evans and Diana Gabaldon.

Richard has written many books that have touched my heart, so much so that I have bought them for family members and most specifically, I bought ten copies of ‘The Four Doors’ and gave them as Christmas gifts.

Diana has written two series of books, the most well know I suspect is the Outlander series.  Viv and I just purchased the 20th anniversary edition of the very first one called ‘Outlander’ of course!  The eighth in the series comes out in about a week and a half—already on order, of course!

So, why would I mention the two authors in the same blog?  Their books are very different, although all well worth the read.  Well, I’m mentioning both of them because I get to meet both authors in the same week!

Viv and I booked the Richard Paul Evans cruise over a year ago and just discovered last week that the very day we land back in Toronto, Diana Gabaldon will also be in Toronto!  What an amazing coincidence!

Viv has actually managed to have her son not only drive us to the airport to fly out for our cruise at the crack of stupid, but also pick us up and drop us near where Diana will be, when we land back in Toronto.

Life is good!


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