My Guardian Angels


A few years ago, though a lovely lady by the name of Jean, I was formally introduced to my guardian angel.  Jean, along with her long time partner Deb, are the Angel Ladies in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

My guardian angel’s name is Trudy and we have been working directly together since Jean formally introduced us.  It was through Trudy and my literary angel (whose name I do not know), and the other angels that God has been kind enough to have watching over me, that I wrote my books.

I hadn’t been planning to write until I actually retired, but the angels prompted me to get moving and gave me the idea of writing these stories as six stories to one book.  I believe that the writing Bible stories from the point of view of animals, was my idea, but they could very well have planted that idea too!

Now anyone who writes, who actually would like to make money knows that if you want literary income, you need to write something that will appeal to the masses.  My books fit into a fairly small niche market.  They are Christian, children’s books written for four to six year-olds. Rather a small market indeed, however, this is what I was guided to write.

I believe that these stories will bring both the Old and New Testaments back to the children and allow them to learn and remember the stories, and God willing, grow into great kind and giving Christian adults.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I had a small hand in that happening?

So, please spread the word.  There are three books out there now and one more to come in the next month or so.  You will find them here.


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