Vacation over for now!


Well, yesterday I returned from a fabulous cruise in the Bahamas and to Key West.  I have decided that this isn’t the best time to cruise because it is really too hot for the multiple sclerosis down there at this time of year, but it was a great time none-the-less.

My good friend Viv was the belle of the ball.  They all loved her there!  We met some of the most wonderful people and just to tell you how much fun it was, Richard Paul Evans put his arm around Viv as she entered the dining room on the last day and his brother Barry ran up to them and said “That’s my girl!” 

Everyone was great, the wait staff, the folks that looked after our room, the rest of the Richard Paul Evans cruisers and his family and staff that were there to help out.  There was a great time had by all.  I should also point out that the food was fabulous.  Royal Caribbean were great hosts.

It isn’t often that I do many trips in a year, but this is a year for them.  I was in New York City for a few days earlier this year and even had a week in Calgary on business.  Then I had this cruise and now, Cavan and I are planning a trip to the Isle of Man with his family for August.

Cavan’s mother is from the Isle of Man and since she is now over 80, this will likely be her last trip home.  This will be the first trip to the Isle of Man for Cavan and I and we will also spend some time in Dublin.

Of course I shall also have to take a few copies of the books I have written with me!  I gave copies to Jenna, Richard Paul Evans’ daughter, for Sam her son, who is the right age to read the books to.  I hope Sam enjoys the stories!  Of course I also hope they like them enough to have their publisher work with me, but we shall see.  I didn’t ask that of them, of course, I’m afraid that I am not a very good salesman!


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