Unhappy Birthday


Today is my birthday! Strangely enough, I am not unhappy because I am getting older. Getting older does not bother me, although perhaps it should!
Every year on my birthday, it is my annual day to think of all the things I have not accomplished. I don’t expect to bring about world peace (although that would be nice!), but I would like to do something really worthwhile. Oops, there is that feeling unworthy again!
I have no-one to blame but myself, of course. I could, and should, get myself moving and do something useful. Like many, the excuses for not finding the time come too easy: I work full-time, I have multiple sclerosis, I’m a single mom (truthfully, my kids are grown and on their own, so this one doesn’t even count!), I’m too tired, I don’t know where to start, and on and on.
Perhaps, I just need to be more persistent. I have written four lovely books in a series that tell Bible stories from an animal’s point of view. I think that those are useful, but of course, they are not useful if they are not being read to the children they will be useful to!
So, my challenge to myself for between now and my next birthday is to work on getting those books out there! My second book, ‘Animals of the New Testament’ will be featured in Toronto’s Word on the Street in September, but I need to work harder. I need to come out with some online marketing ideas that are not annoying to the online world—there is the challenge!
So, wish me well and perhaps next year won’t be and UNhappy birthday!
And I promise that the next blog will be more cheerful! I have written two downers in a row! That perhaps, is another challenge to me, work on some more inspiring blogs!


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