I promised a more cheerful blog this weekend, so I’m trying to find an upbeat topic on a cloudy, rainy Sunday morning.  Everyone needs a challenge!

Well, I’m miffed that AuthorHouse has put a ridiculous description for the paperback version of my fourth book on the book sites (Amazon, Barns & Noble, etc.).  How can I try to sell something like that?

I have the usual fatigue and MS symptoms, along with deteriorating typing skills—a great combo for someone trying to be a writer!

I’m worried about money because my youngest, who is still at university, will no longer have money coming from her estranged father, because she is now 22.  My company was also giving her some money each year, but she is in her fifth year, so that ends.  And, of course, the RESP (registered education savings plan) money has run out.  So, I have that concern too (hence really wanting my books to sell)!  I promised myself that my kids would not begin their working life in debt!

So, what do I have to write a cheerful blog about?  I am still upright!  This sounds kind of odd I’m sure, but for someone who has been living with MS for over 20 years, I consider this to be an achievement!  I have needed my walker from time-to-time, but mostly, I just need my cane.

Can you tell that I’m kind of a ‘glass is half full’ kind of person?  Well, that has a lot to do with my belief system.  I believe in God, Jesus and my angels lead by Trudy, my Guardian angel.  Who could possibly be more blessed?  I also truly believe that we all choose to be in the situations that we are in, meaning choose even before we are born.  The challenges in this life were discussed and agreed upon long before I was born, given up for adoption, adopted and guided by everyone I have in my family and the friends and colleagues I met along the way.

I am blessed to have who and what I have in my life.  All is according to God’s plan, discussed with me, and I leave my life in His hands to teach me the lessons I need to learn while I am here.  That is why I never understood the ‘why me?’ when someone gets the diagnosis of MS, or whatever.  It’s because that is the way it is meant to be.

So, all is as it should be and I am truly blessed.


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