Set of Four!


Finally, the first four books are all out! The covers can be seen and the descriptions are correct! The full set of four!
I have so many ideas for some more in this series, but I need to see if these sell first, before I even dare to invest in another book or two. I’m thinking of ‘Even More Animals of the Old Testament’ and, of course ‘Even More Animals of the New Testament.’ Then, of course, I could do ‘Still More Animals of the Old Testament’ and ‘Still More Animals of the New Testament.’
I have to say, though, that I will probably have to start duplicating some animals. So far, in all 24 animals I have used over the 24 stories, I have not had to repeat an animal, although there are two birds, a dove and a crow. Does that count?
Writing has been an interesting journey for me. As any author knows, the actual writing part is only a small part of the whole process. The marketing part is huge! And, I have to say that I’m not great at marketing. I believe in my heart that these books are great for children to learn the stories of God and Jesus and the many other people in the Bible, but how best to get them to the people who will read them to the children? That’s the challenge.
I am plugging away at it. I even have over 1600 followers on Twitter! Who knew that an old technology person like me could do that? Even my kids are impressed! Of course, with Christmas only five months away, I’m hoping that things will ramp up at the right time. These will be a perfect Christmas gift, especially ‘Animals of the New Testament’ which includes the story of Jesus’ birth, the shepherds, the wise men, etc.
So, those of you who know that the word of God needs to get out there and start especially with the young folks, please get the word out! The books can all be purchased from Amazon and Barnes & Noble! You can be directed to the Amazon page for each book from the book website:


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