Exciting News!


Well, folks, yet again my blog is late. This time, I was away for part of the Labor Day long weekend in Orillia with my sweetie Cavan and my father and his girlfriend. I must say that it always seems odd to say that my 84 year old father has a girlfriend, but I probably mentioned some time ago that I lost my mother in 2005 to cancer and my father, God love him, lost his first girlfriend to cancer, as well. It was tough to go through losing his wife and then first girlfriend to cancer, but Dad is a trooper. He has found a partner to live and travel with and we are all happy for him.
Anyway, that isn’t what the exciting news is! Toronto is going to have their inaugural Toronto International Book Festival (TIBF)! It will be the 13th to 16th of November and will have many famous authors, including Margaret Atwood, Debbie Macomber and Anne Rice and little old me! I am so looking forward to this!
There are actually seven streams of interest, including ‘Inspire!’ at the main stage, where authors will speak! Not me, of course, I’m just the little guy, who will be at a little table in ‘The Hub’ selling my books. Fortunately, The Hub is right next to the main stage, so I should be able to see everything.
This is pretty exciting, because I haven’t really had a book launch yet, although one of my books will be featured at the Toronto ‘Word on the Street’ (WOTS)! I will be there with my favorite bibliophile, Viv, to meet the various book vendors etc. This is an exciting year for books in Toronto!
I hope to see a great turnout to both WOTS, in September and TIBF in November!


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