Just a Rainy Saturday


A rainy Saturday, the perfect day to get caught up on a few things!
I’m looking for a ‘hot topic’ for my blog today and not coming up with one, I’m afraid. What is it about rainy days that make you melancholy?
I could whine and complain about the fact that my books aren’t selling very well. Mind you, I didn’t put them out there to make money, although I was hoping that the Christian market would see them for what they are: a way to teach the work of God and the stories of Jesus to three to eight year olds.
I could whine and complain about my MS. Now there’s a good topic! But then I have to admit that after 21 years, I am still working full time, only using a cane and managing quite nicely thank you, despite the myriad of funky symptoms that I have that are an annoyance, but still allow me to do many of the things I like to do.
I could whine and complain about the fact that I am still working, although I could have retired earlier this year. That one folks have heard before and if you have, you know that I continue to work because my youngest daughter isn’t finished university yet and I am happy to contribute to her education so that she has no debt, when she is done.
I could whine and complain that I never seem to get entirely out of debt for one reason or another. Well, this one is pretty much entirely my fault because I choose to spend my money where I do. I chose to support my daughter at university, I chose to invest in self publishing my books and I chose to put money into finishing off my house. Of course there were a few things along the way that I had to spend money on like my car, that I would rather not have to do, but it was a necessity.
So, I could do all that whining and complaining but I chose to consider the blessings that I have and know that the good Lord will get me through all of the challenges that I could whine and complain about! Having said that, I am well aware that my challenges are very minor compared to probably most folks in the world.


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