Word on the Street


Last Sunday started out as a rainy day……………….
I headed into Toronto to take a friend of mine into downtown Toronto to see Word on the Street (WOTS). It rained on and off the whole way in and I wasn’t very hopeful about the event and figured we would only stay a short time.
Viv’s grandson was there, when I arrived at her house, so we just chatted for a while, but before long, it was a beautiful sunny day! It hadn’t been forecasted, but there it was—the sun, blue skies and the odd soft, white puffy cloud.
Viv and I drove downtown, parked at my daughter’s place and trekked over to Toronto’s Word on the Street. We wore light jackets as it started out cool and even put our rain coats into a bag, just in case! But of course, that was our insurance and we didn’t see another raindrop!
We wandered the different booths, each under its own cover, which turned out to be useful for blocking the intense sun, rather than a deluge of water! Viv and I found some great deals on books, but the crowds were pretty thick, or we might have bought a few more!
We also found Author Solutions, who had a booth that included my book “Animals of the New Testament.” The fellow manning the booth took my picture there, with my book, and we got an Author Solutions bag with their catalog, which also included my book, and we carried on!
Now, I need to contact the Cobourg Public Library, which is hosting Word on the Street Northumberland and see if I can get involved! Our little town is hosting their own WOTS on October 25th from 10am to 4pm. I wonder if I can do some reading to the kids! I think it would be a great way to showcase my books.
So, watch for WOTS in your city or town. It is a great place to see the latest in literature!
Then I have the Toronto International Book Fair (TIBF) in Toronto in November! A busy book year!


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