Blue Jays


I’m not talking about the baseball team, I mean actual blue jays!
Before I actually moved into my house about two years ago, I had this film installed on main floor windows at the back of my house, which faces east.
What, might you ask, does that have to do with blue jays? Well, I knew that during daylight hours, from the outside, the windows are like mirrors. That gave me the great idea to start feeding the birds. This became great entertainment for my cats, of course, because I have sliding doors and I could put peanuts right outside the door and the blue jays would come. With the sliding door acting like a mirror to them, they had no idea the entertainment they were providing to my furry friends.
My house is built into a bit of a hill, so the main floor of my house is actually the second floor from the back. What I discovered, was that wherever the birds go, they seem to leave behind their poop. Not nice! So, I stopped feeding them and the rain looked after cleaning up the mess.
I missed the jays, so this year, I had the film put on the downstairs windows and I put peanuts outside the downstairs sliding door, leading to the patio to see if they would visit there and lo and behold, within ten minutes of the peanuts hitting the concrete, there they were! The jays were back, as were my cats.
I actually started it this week because my daughter is coming next weekend and bringing her cat, who will love it. She lives in the city and only has a Juliette balcony, so little Kanye hasn’t see a blue jay. This will be so much fun!
It’s a win/win situation. The blue jays get fed and the felines get entertained and boy are the jays aggressive! They fly at each other and fight over the peanuts. They even keep the ravens away. I quite enjoy the ‘show’ myself.


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