My Canadian Thanksgiving


As I sit and type my Thanksgiving blog I think of all of the many things I am thankful for. They are far too many to even list and most of them are people.
I am most thankful for my daughters, who I am very proud of. Alysse is a hairstylist who is a greatly admired and sought after talent for weddings and photo shoots. Kaitlyn is on the home stretch to finish her degree in Retail Management, studying to be a buyer, and works at Holt Renfrew—very prestigious! She has already been contacted through LinkedIn to be interviewed for Tiffany’s!
I am very thankful for Cavan, who loves me and helps me especially with the day to day things that my MS no longer allows me to do. Lately he has had to put up with a lot of crankiness, as I seem to be doing the job of three and a half people at work and a lot of tasks have to fall through the cracks just to get the important stuff done!
I am also very thankful to, and for, my parents; my mother who I still miss every day and my father, who at 85 still can’t stay still and will pop out to Las Vegas, or wherever on a whim. I am thankful, for my siblings, their spouses and children, all who enrich our lives.
I am also thankful for all of Cavan’s family, who enrich our lives.
Then, of course there is my dear friend Viv and my co-workers and colleagues, my bosses, and their bosses and so on.
I am also particularly thankful that I am still able to be upright, even after living with MS for over twenty years.
I can’t forget my cats, my house, our home, my car that still runs and the lovely little town of Cobourg where I live.
Of course, I recognize that this is really truly only the tip of the iceberg for what I am thankful for. I am very blessed that God has allowed so much in my life!


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