A Day Late and a Dollar Short


‘The idiom “a day late and a dollar short” generally means that someone has both missed an opportunity and been inexcusably unprepared for it. A briefer translation of this saying could be “too late and too little.” It can also refer to an unfavorable review of a person’s efforts as poorly timed and too inadequate to make any improvements to a given outcome. This phrase is often characterized as one of the English sayings that place underlying importance on time and money. Preparation and organization are usually highly valued in cultures that use these kinds of idiomatic expressions.’ ~ wiseGEEK
I’m a day late with my blog this week and feeling a dollar short! I so often sit down to blog with no clear idea on what to write on. Usually, I just start and it comes to me, sometimes taking a totally different path part way through, than I thought it might.
My idea was really to write something each week that resonates with people. I would love to actually be quite profound every week, but that is a bit of a lofty goal and rather presumptuous on my part! For some reason, I am feeling that God is wanting me to reach out to people, make them think and help them to remember Him.
I’m sure that is why I wrote my books. I am hoping that as each story is read to a child they will, as youngsters, come to know and understand God and Jesus, so that they can lead lives that God will be proud of.
That isn’t to say that it isn’t possible to reach adults, nor am I even suggesting that we shouldn’t even try, but I believe that if you introduce children to God and Jesus at an early age, even if they stray from time-to-time, they are most likely to come back to the path at God has for them.
So, ‘But Jesus said “Let the children come to me, and don’t try to stop them! People who are like these children belong to God’s kingdom”’ ~ The Holy Bible CEV
Let us teach the stories of God to the children that they may follow his word for the rest of their lives. IJN
Let not us all be a day late and a dollar short. IJN


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