Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow….


Okay enough already! It’s only November and I’m tired of winter already, so the folks in Buffalo must be even beyond tired of it. My goodness! We live along the lake as well, but didn’t get hit with lake effect snow like they did. We thank the good Lord for that.
This week and for even the next week, it looks like temperatures will stay above freezing, so hopefully, the next snowfall won’t happen for a while.
It’s interesting how the weather is such a topic of conversation. Pretty much every call I’m on with my colleagues in Edmonton, Calgary and Houston, we have to compare notes on how the weather is.
My boss’s boss loves to ski in Calgary, so he is delighted when it snows out there. I keep telling them to keep that weather out there, of course. His boss is often in Houston, so I always tell him to bring the warm weather! Like that is even possible!
Of course, for anyone who likes to have some control in their lives, that is one of the things we have no control over. We have to be adaptable. We need to be prepared for almost anything within the season.
I am getting more and more afraid of driving in the snow in the dark, so I expect that I will be working from home a lot this winter! I should also pack a bag and keep it in the office, just in case I get unexpectedly stranded in the city!
Driving home this past week in the snow was frightening and it wasn’t even white outs. I now drive in the right lane, white knuckled, just trying to get home, while the transports fly by me. Fortunately, the highway is three lanes, all the way to Cobourg. And, I expect to be working one more winter yet!
My God and my guardian angel drive with me, always. Amen


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