Home Alone


Okay, I’m not actually home alone. Who can possibly be alone with two cats in the house?
Cavan’s gone into the city to visit his uncle who is in Sunnybrook hospital. Uncle Ron is recovering from surgery that removed his bladder, prostate and some of his rectum. Ron had gone through radiation for prostate cancer and suffered complications that included the burning of part of his lower intestine with the radiation. We are praying for a recovery.
I’m actually getting over some kind of bug, trivial compared to what Uncle Ron is going through! I’m feeling better today, although still a bit weak and I think I still have a touch of a fever. I’m not visiting the bathroom with the frequency I was yesterday, so I must be on the mend! Mostly, I think I’m just worn out since it is the end of the year. Nothing that a couple of week’s rest can’t fix, I’m sure.
Under the weather or not, I still have my second Christmas tree to decorate and a few little things to take care of today. I think I can manage by working for a short while and resting for a while. It’s back to work tomorrow! Mind you, I will be working from home tomorrow and Thursday and just in the city Tuesday and Wednesday. Friday, I begin vacation until the New Year!
Next weekend I need to finish up my gift wrapping and get my baking started. I look forward to Christmas every year and yet it wears me out! Mind you, it is a great celebration at the beginning of what is often a long and dull winter. After the really nasty winter last year, I am becoming quite nervous about the drive home from work in the snowy darkness. Snow never used to bother me. Perhaps it’s just that I’m getting older?
Oh well, nothing terribly exciting to blog about today. I missed blogging last week because I was away in Ottawa and I usually blog on Saturdays, but I did not even have the energy to make it downstairs to my office yesterday. So, today, I have at least gotten that far!
As I close my blog, I wish everyone a safe Christmas season. Christmas is less than two weeks away! God bless!


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