Almost Here!


As I write my weekly blog, I think about the past year and everything that happened and how fast it whipped by! I also think about the days ahead, leading to Christmas, as well as Christmas itself and New Year celebrations! This has always been my favorite time of year.
Yesterday, I bought the last of the Christmas gifts and today is wrapping day. Tomorrow I start baking (probably just pies, for now) and Monday, I go into the city to have Christmas lunch with my good friend Viv and will bring my oldest daughter back with me for the week! It will be nice to have her here. We have more baking planned!
This will be the Christmas with the fewest people that I have had for a while. It will just be Cavan and I with my two daughters and since my youngest is working retail until she finishes school, she has to be back home Christmas Day to be ready for Holt Renfrew’s Boxing Day, which starts really early. At least we will all be together for a little while.
Saturday, much of my family will be at my dad’s house. My three siblings and their families who live in Ottawa should make it, as well as my brother David and his partner from Toronto, and then Cavan, my oldest daughter Alysse and me. It should be a great time!
After that, I have a week of relaxing at home and catching up on the Christmas movies I haven’t gotten to yet. I’ll try to get ambitious enough to do some organizing, as well!
Somewhere in there, we need to catch up with Cavan’s four kids and the rest of his family. That isn’t planned yet, so we are trying to keep days available to fit that in. We try to accommodate everyone. We don’t want to miss anyone at Christmas!


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