Rather Controversial


I am going to tackle something rather controversial. Abortion.
Firstly let me say that I could never ever abort a child. I have many reasons for that. I have mentioned in at least a couple of my blogs that I am adopted, so I was an unwanted pregnancy, myself. Five of my siblings are also adopted, so they were also unwanted pregnancies. The possibility of adoption is one of my reasons for not feeling comfortable with abortion.
As an unwanted child, I look at things differently, I think. I had an opportunity to be adopted into a wonderful family and like all families, we are not perfect, but we had food in our tummies and a roof over our head. Some our clothes were hand-me-downs, but we had clothes and managed quite nicely. I must say that, as a teacher and the sole income earner, I don’t know how Dad managed, but we were all raised to be happy, healthy, contributing members of society and are raising our own families.
Back to the topic of abortion. As I said, I could not possibly conceive of doing it myself, but I think I lean on the side of pro choice. I have seen too many children abused and damaged by single mothers and even two parent caregivers that I would rather see unwanted pregnancies turned into children given up for adoption, or terminated, than have them suffer physical or even emotional abuse, or equally wrong, neglect.
Now, as a God believing person, you might find this strange or even blasphemous, but I have difficulty believing that God would prefer to see a child abused or neglected, rather than having the child aborted, giving Him the chance to give that child to a loving family. Does God make mistakes? Not intentionally I’m sure, but perhaps He overestimates the strength of His children. When you do not believe that you are strong enough for any challenge given to you by God, you will not be and those around you will suffer for it.
In recent years, there are fewer and fewer children given up for adoption. This is a shame. We have babies giving birth to babies. Young mothers still in school, could give their baby to a family who is more emotionally and financially capable of raising a child. I know that this is a very difficult decision, because I considered it myself, when I discovered that my husband was seeing someone else when I was pregnant. I truly believed that a child had a better chance and better opportunities raised in a two parent family, but I also knew that I was financially able to manage it, although it was tough. I was also emotionally able to raise my children and I proved myself wrong. A single parent can raise a healthy and happy child and both of my daughters have made me proud and are successful, contributing members of society.
So, could I abort a child? Never. Do I believe that someone incapable of successfully raising a child should consider it? I believe that adoption is a better option, but abortion may be the best way to save that child. None of that even tackles the idea of a child that is to be born with any number of physical or neurological issues. I would not wish those issues on any child or parent. Give that soul an opportunity to be born into a healthy body.


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