Las Vegas, Baby!


I missed last week’s blog because I was in Vegas, baby! I had never been to Las Vegas before, although Cavan had been there many times for the Comdex conference, until Comdex went bankrupt.
I discovered Las Vegas to be not very handicapped friendly, although there are escalators and elevators on the street. These are necessary because you cannot walk across The Strip, or many of the side streets, some of which are actually highways. The elevators and escalators will take you to e pedestrian bridge, which will get you to the other side of the street. There is still a lot of walking to get from place to place.
I should point out that there are taxis, of course, and also busses. The busses don’t stop very often, so like the pedestrian bridges, there is quite a bit of walking to get to the bus stops and the bridges.
Now, despite my complaining, I did enjoy myself. Because of all of the walking, I didn’t get to see as much as I might have liked, but also, there were quite a few things on hiatus, or shut down for one reason or another, anyway.
I especially enjoyed seeing the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. Also, if you are planning to go, I recommend seeing the Mob Museum. The food is much more expensive than I was expecting, but it was pretty good,
So, this is a short blog because I just got back at about midnight last night and I am still pretty tired. I have to time adjust a bit, having lost three hours on the way back and I need to be ready to get up at 6:30am Monday morning for work!
I am planning another somewhat controversial blog for next week, though!


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