Something New


I think I really rambled on (and on!) in my last blog and didn’t even really get to a point, sorry about that. You might ask if I actually had a point there somewhere because I certainly did not articulate it! I think I just wanted to say that ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone.’
None of us here on earth are totally without sin, so we have no right to judge others for what they do or say, or wear, or look like. I certainly am not covered in tattoos or piercings, but who am I to judge those who are? Appearance isn’t even a good measure or character—‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ as the saying goes.
So, finally let’s move on to something else I can rattle on about………………..
I have just bought into this ‘Wheat Belly’ thing. I have collected books related to it for a couple of years now and thought it was finally time to read them! That coupled with the fact that I know that I feel better when I stay off wheat, I thought I should finally do something about it. So, I have begun to be cautious about wheat, but starting tomorrow, I plan to drop all whole grains including rice and oats.
This shall be a challenge, but I need to give it a try. What I read about it, tells me about wheat and other grains leading to things as unrelated as IBS, dementia, iron deficiency, sleep apnea and arthritis. Scary isn’t it?
Leaving the grains behind is just a mindset change. Of course, I am also hoping for the weight loss that should come with it, but I will be the most happy with just feeling better and not having to sleep so much.
The book says to stick with one ingredient foods. How difficult can that be? I even picked up the recipe book, which will add a few interesting things to the menu. I’ll see how it goes. The nice thing I like about it is that except for grains, there are no other restrictions. It will be very different for a starch eater like me, but I need to do something,
So, next week, I shall report back on how I am doing and how I am feeling, if you wish to ‘tune in’ next week and find out.
Happy February, every one!


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