Wheat Belly


It has now been a full week on the wheat belly diet. I have lost 5.5 lbs. I’m feeling pretty good, better than I have for a while and I am sleeping well. How much of that is the placebo effect and how much of that is real, it is too early to tell, but I can tell you for sure that I am not hungry, but then I am eating a lot.
I knew I had to make some changes in my life to try to get back some energy and stop needing to sleep so much. It was such a major effort to get through a week of work. I have had the MS for 21 years, and I truly count my blessings because I am still upright. I have done better than many of my MS friends, but I was hoping to do better still. The MS still makes it a challenge to work full-time.
I am now working only four day weeks, though, which my boss agreed to. Last year I started my 9/80 program where I work 9 hour days Monday through Thursday, work 8 hours that first Friday and don’t work the second Friday because I will have already done my 80 hours for the two weeks. I have 6 weeks of vacation and 12 scheduled days off (SDOs)—one per month. So, I now take an SDO or vacation day for that first Friday, getting me down to 4 day weeks, each day being 9 hour days. Having said that, I often work even 10 or more hours a day, when I work from home which I do usually three of those four days.
Armed with my four day week and this wheat belly diet, I know I’ll get through the next year and into retirement.
I’m not exercising much. I don’t have much time or energy for that, but I get on my T-Zone vibration machine for 12 minutes and do stretches. I want to move up to working with the weights—cardio is a bit of a challenge, since my legs don’t move well. I do have an elliptical, a recumbent bike and a bow flex, so when I retire, I’ll have more time to make use of those, too.
This week, I need to be in the office three days in a row and when that happens, I stay in the city with a dear friend of mine, Viv. That way, I still only drive into, and out of, the city once.
So, folks, I’ll blog again next week about how the wheat belly thing is going, I need to work on adding some supplements, like iron, magnesium and iodine, and I’ll get to that soon.
Have a great week!


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