Wheat Belly Week Two


So, the weight isn’t falling off and I’m back to being tired again, but not as bad as I was before. I was down 6.4 lbs., but then went up. I think I have an issue with peanuts, although I bought the dry roasted, as suggested in the book. Friday night, I also indulged in nachos and I know that we should only have corn very occasionally. Perhaps Friday wasn’t the occasion!
So, continuing on with the wheat belly diet and trying to do better this week. I stocked up on salmon and pork at the grocery store yesterday and have beef and chicken at home. I always keep lots of frozen veggies on hand, so this week should be better. I had already stocked up on cans of tuna and salmon, so let’s see how this week goes!
On a side note, I had dinner with my daughters on Tuesday evening this past week. I didn’t want to go into the city for Family Day, as the weather is so unpredictable and I had to be in the city for work. I was very careful with my choices at the restaurant. Alysse ordered spring rolls as an appetizer, so I let her have those and I ate the beet garnish. I then had a 4 oz. fillet with root veggies. Very tasty
Yesterday was St. Valentine’s Day and my honey took me out to dinner. I had lamb with beets and carrots and I had a few forks full of the rice. I find that I do get full a lot quicker than I did. Cavan ordered carrot cake and I did have a little of that—very bad! I shall do better this week. It is much easier when you don’t go out to dinner.
I think that I shall also try baking with the ‘flour’ that I made from the wheat belly cookbook. I’m interested in seeing what it tastes like.
It’s a short week this week, with Family Day tomorrow. I’m only in the city on Tuesday, so it should be easy to stick with the diet. I’m doing a roast (so leftovers!) and also a stew (I had this huge hunk of beef, so I’m dividing it into stewing chunks and a roast). So, I can freeze that and have some leftovers from that as well.
Perhaps planning ahead will help out!


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