Wheat Belly Week Three


I’m happy to say that I am still sticking to the diet! I have had no wheat at all this week and no other grains, except for the corn chips. Still a no no. My weight has gone down a bit, but what I think is better than that, is that my belly is shrinking. Mind you, I am still doing the T-Zone Vibration for 12 minutes a day, as well as the stretches. I have also added the 2 lb. weights to my leg raises and I’m doing some work with the free weights for my arms.
All in all, the fatigue isn’t as bad this week as it was last week, but not as good as it was the first week. So, we’ll see what next week brings.
This week, I get to find out about my raise and bonus. I am so very fortunate to be working in the private sector and be getting raises, as I know that so many others haven’t seen raises for a while. My review with my boss was good, so my bonus and raise should also be good. I don’t know if I will get the promotion that my boss is fighting for, but we’ll see. Our HR rep doesn’t care much for me, so I know that the promotion would be a tough sell. Not everyone appreciates you telling it like it is, oh well.
Next week will also be the anniversary of when Cavan and I moved in together. It will be twelve years. The time has gone by so fast. We’ll have to celebrate at a restaurant where I can find something to eat! So many have unknown sauces and things, but I’m sure we’ll find somewhere.
I’m also looking forward to seeing Blythe Spirit at the Princess of Wales Theatre, Tuesday night, with my dear friend Viv. It is actually my Christmas present to her and it sounds like a great show.
So, all of my blog friends, have a wonderful week. The next time I blog, it will be March first! Another week closer to spring. I am so looking forward to seeing green again, and the colors in the garden, as well. We are now into Lent, as well. God bless!


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