Wheat Belly Week Four


The diet continues! I’m down a few more pounds, almost nine now! I wish it were coming off faster, but then the last time I lost weight quickly (62 pounds!), I put most of it back on. So, this time I’m hoping that whatever I lose will stay off.
I tried to use the ‘non grain flour’ that the wheat belly recipe book suggests. But it was in a regular recipe. The pineapple cookies I made were very tasty, but mostly fell apart. I’ll try a recipe from the wheat belly book today.
I am also continuing with the T-Zone vibration every day that I am home—even weekends. I do the stretches and leg raises and now I’m using the five pound leg weights. I added some more work with the five pound free weights as well. I wish I had more time to exercise. That will have to wait for retirement!
On another good news note, I did get a 2.63% raise, a decent bonus and my boss figured out how to keep me longer. Okay, so perhaps that was only his good news note! I have been given some restricted share units, which don’t mature for 35 months! He’s getting sneaky! I think I do get something out of them if I retire before they mature, though.
So, we manage for another year! This is the year of not only trimming me, but trimming the debt! I had this great idea of keeping my kids from going into debt while going to post secondary school. It seems, though, that since I took on that responsibility, it has mostly come out my line of credit. Not good. I need to whittle that down before I retire.
Here we are looking at March! Can you believe it? Another year flying by! Another year of work! Oh well, if this year flies by as fast as the last, we’re doing alright.
Well, folks, I’m looking at another week wheat free and I’m only in at the office one day this week. I’ll have to work on some interesting meals for this week. I have to admit that I’m not feeling restricted, but I do like to try some new recipes to keep it fresh.
So, stay safe everyone! We put the clocks ahead next weekend, so I’m hoping that it actually means that spring is coming!


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