Wheat Belly Weeks Five and Six


There is something I’m eating that is still giving me difficulty. Staying off the wheat is great and even seems to be improving my mood (perhaps my imagination?).
I thought I was doing really well and even made a vegetable soup that I was eating for lunch this week, for days when I was at home. And although my belly is getting smaller (doesn’t stick out as much), I’m not losing much weight. So, I have much more effort to put in.
I actually started last week’s blog, but got distracted by getting my taxes done. I am now finished that (yay!) and submitted them online, so am even getting a refund (double yay!).
I continued on the wheat belly diet, however, I did indulge at my mother-in-law’s birthday dinner last evening. There was a delicious lasagne and cake, of course, and I indulged in both. Suffice it to say that I am feeling crappy today and have some damage control to do. Back on track and, apparently, need to cut some more calories to not only feel better, but get some of the weight off.
I am working on strengthening my legs and upper body. I know that my MS gets a bit worse every year and yet after the diagnosis 21 years ago, the good Lord has still blessed me with being able to be upright every day, at least so far. I know that won’t last forever, so I need to strengthen my upper body to be able to get me in and out of a wheelchair, for when that time comes. Getting the weight off and keeping it off will also help immensely! I still work on strengthening my legs too, because for as long as they still hold me up, I must be kind to them!
Work still frustrates me and exhausts me, however, since God doesn’t seem to be sending me a lottery win, I guess the message is ‘hang in there—you can do it!’ and so I soldier on…………….
Not to worry, as long as I get to work from home as much as possible, I’ll manage. I do have to admit that work has been very flexible about that. I am truly very blessed all around!


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