Wheat Belly Week Eight


I have not been so good on the diet this week and it definitely shows in how I feel. I feel crappy and have only myself to blame. I need to get the grains out of my system again and feel better.
On a better note, I got my income tax refund, and paid off some stuff—always a good feeling. I was in such a good mood that I washed the curtains in the living room and dining room. I figure that if I start spring cleaning, maybe spring will show up at some point!
The sun is shining out there, but it is still below freezing! Here we are on Palm Sunday, with next weekend Easter and our Easter bonnet may have to be a toque! Good grief.
So, my dear friend Viv is still struggling somewhat after the minor stroke. Her balance is off and probably only those who know her well can hear that her speech is still off a bit. Her hands are also shaky. I am still praying for continued recovery. Her sons have been good and Keith is organizing getting grab bars up in the bathroom. A walker may be next. We’ll see. I’ll be down to see her this Tuesday and will bring dinner.
On another note, literally, Cavan will be singing Tenebrae at three different churches this week. Monday evening, I will go with him to St. Francis Xavier church in Mississauga, but Tuesday evening, I will be with Viv, while Cavan sings at a church in Maple. I may or may not join him in the west end of Toronto on Good Friday. It depends on when my daughter, Alysse, is arriving for Easter. My other daughter Kaitlyn has to work Easter weekend, as does Alysse’s fiancé David. Dad and Sally are away, so it will be a small group for Easter. Alysse has invited her stepsister Victoria, so both Victoria and Shavoy may be coming. I haven’t seen them in a while, so it will be nice to catch up with them.
Wow, this blog is all over the place! Maybe I will try to narrow my blog down to a single topic next week. Everyone is probably tired of hearing about my wheat belly successes and failures. I think I will do my best to stick to it the rest of my life, but I’m sure that no-one really wants to read about that week after week!
I pray that everyone enjoys this week and I pray for spring to arrive! I am checking every day for a sign of the crocuses in my yard. Nothing yet!


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