Happy, Sunny Sunday!


The sun is out and one lone crocus raises its little yellow bud to the sun on my front lawn. Hopefully, more will follow soon.
I am so glad to be over winter. Not that I am not expecting another blast or two, but I think that we can say that any snow that comes now will not last. April showers bring May flowers and this week, the temperatures are forecasted to be in the double digits Celsius during the day and not even below freezing at night! Wahoo!
On my often blogged about topic of diet: after a couple of weeks of feeling lousy eating wheat and promising myself to get back to the wheat belly diet, I am committing to do it this week. The thing is, that eating wheat does not cause me any pain, which might force me to behave, but it does cause me to feel really crappy. Add to that the drama that seems to be happening at work and I just want to hide in my house and eat!
It’s time to straighten out and fly right. I know that I can’t control what is happening around me, but with a bit more ambition, I can control me. It would be nice to be in control of something!
On a totally different note, my dear friend Viv turned 89 this week. I aspire to do half as well as she by that age, should I reach that age. The stroke has slowed her down a bit, but has not dampened her spirit in the least. Viv still expects that one week soon she will be able to return to SickKids where she volunteers one day a week.
I’m even looking into theatre tickets for her and me to see a show in Niagara-on-the-Lake. I’m planning an overnighter and I think we will even check out the traditional afternoon tea at the Prince of Wales Hotel. This is going to be fun!
So folks, today is a bit of a resting day. I have a couple of loads of laundry to do, I’m afraid, but I shall be resting most of the time, to prepare myself for what the week ahead at work brings me.
I pray that everyone has a wonderful week and that your bulbs poke out of your garden, brave enough to face our spring, and cheer your day. God bless!


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