A Sunny Saturday!


Good afternoon! I usually get my blogs done on a Sunday morning, but here I am on a Saturday afternoon, inside, even though the skies are a beautiful blue with the sun coaxing my spring flowers to look skyward. But it is chore day and the laundry is in progress and my day job finished up for the weekend.
As I gently coax my fingers to type on my keyboard, I am a bit dizzy. My walking hasn’t been very good today either, but I have learned to count my blessings. My MS has been very patient with me over the last 21 years and only occasionally pokes me to remind me that I need to be careful. Today seems to be one of those days. Part of me really wants to retire, to rest and read the dozens of books that have piled up over the years. The other part of me says ‘You can do it!’ One more year until my Kaitlyn finishes university and then I can retire on my own terms. I know I can make it.
I need to spend this year getting my coworkers ready to do what they need to do. That may sound a bit like I’m the only one who can do my job, but I am the only one, at least for now, that can do it with the heart I put into it. Not to sound like I’m patting myself on the back, but I try to put a little extra into every interaction I have with the people I work with. For instance, when I finish this, I have cookies to make to take to our St. Lawrence Gas office in Massena, New York, on Monday, when I meet with them for the IT audit. I know that when I retire, things won’t be done the way I like to see them done, but I like to set a good example.
Before I sign off for today, I shall pat myself on the back for a second. I was recently nominated as a Gas Distribution Safety Ambassador. There were 16 nominations and I was chosen as the Safety Ambassador for the office workers. I am very proud of the work I have done over the years with respect to safety, including starting a newsletter three years ago, that I recently passed on to someone in the safety department to continue. I used to do much more, in terms of committees and sub-committees, but I am down to just two monthly meetings that I attend and do the minutes for. I was finding it too much. It’s nice to know that I was recognized for the safety work over the years.
So, as I untangle myself from patting myself on the back, I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and week ahead! It looks like spring is truly here and we can now look forward to seeing the buds on the trees and flowers opening anew. God Bless!


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