Happy Mother’s Day


To all the mothers out there! May God bless all of you and may you enjoy this day set aside to honor all of you!
I lost my mother almost ten years ago. She was the mother who chose me because I was given up for adoption at birth.
My mother was not perfect and neither am I at this job of being a mother. In my mother’s case, the challenge was raising eight kids, with the help of my father. In my case, it was raising two kids, without the help of their father.
We all have challenges in life and the legacy we leave behind is the legacy of rising to those challenges and doing the best job, not in spite of those challenges, but actually because of them. Bring it on! My mother and I both had health challenges as well. Mom had heart issues and I have multiple sclerosis. Did we let that stop us? No! We managed to carry on and do what needed to be done.
That isn’t to say that we didn’t hit bumps in the road and have detours thrown at us, but we dealt with those bumps and detours as best we could and we, and our kids, are all the better for it.
I would like to think that my kids see that strength in me, to get through every challenge with my head held high, ready for the next bump or detour in the road. I would also like my kids to know that no matter what challenge they hit, I am here for them. I may not always know the answer, but I know how to find answers and I know how to help them figure things out.
So, honor your mothers today. They weren’t all perfect, but I’m sure they did the best they could with their challenges and remember; whether you believe in nature or nurture, part you came from your mother!
God bless all the mothers today!


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