Happy, sunny, Sunday morning! At least it’s sunny here. Here we are heading into the last week of May and I am still having trouble believing it is 2015!
I took Thursday and Friday off this week and I took my friend Viv down to Niagara-on-the-Lake. I love that little town. Viv and I did our downtown wander and bought the usual stuff: Christmas stuff from the Christmas store (we can never miss that part!), fudge (certainly didn’t need that and neither did Cavan, but I did it anyway!) and jams (well, I got rhubarb jam for Cavan and cinnamon honey for me) and then on the way home on Friday, I stopped for wine. You can’t come home without at least a bottle or two when you visit wine country!
Our visit wasn’t for shopping, but it was a great pastime, while we waited for our room to be ready. We stayed at the Prince of Wales Hotel and I would recommend it to anyone who can afford it. The hotel was lovely. The only complaint I had was that the shower had very little water pressure, but it was workable. The bed was the most comfortable hotel bed I think I have ever slept in!
The food at the Prince of Wales was also very good. We attended afternoon tea in the Drawing Room, ordering the traditional afternoon tea—sandwiches, the best scone I have ever had, little desserts and, of course tea. Viv and I couldn’t even finish the food, there was so much, but we were provided a clamshell container to take it with us. We put it into the fridge in our room and almost forgot it the next morning!
That evening, was our main purpose for the trip. We attended the play ‘Sweet Charity’ at the Festival Theatre. I had ordered us front row centre tickets and we could have run our fingers through the band leader’s hair! The play was great—the actors were awesome, although I had forgotten what a sad story it was.
The theatre was only a block from the hotel, which was great and the weather was awesome, so we walked from the time I parked the car at the hotel Thursday at noon until we headed home after a lovely breakfast in their restaurant, Friday.
A lovely couple of days and then back to reality! Here it is now Sunday and I’m back to work tomorrow.
Well, whether you are working or going to school, or retired, enjoy your week and God bless all of you!


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