As I was writing out a card for my baby’s birthday today, I truly realize just how fast life is going by! My baby is 23! Of course my oldest daughter is 25. Where has the time gone? I know we have done many, many things over those years, but they seem to have gone by in the blink of an eye.
I read somewhere (probably Facebook!) of someone saying that they were holding their baby, they closed their eyes and when they opened them again, they were holding their grandchild! It seems like that sometimes!
My own birthday always seems to depress me because it causes me to answer the question: what have I really done with my life? I have not contributed anything of significance to society, or the world, but I have not caused any major grief either, at least I hope not.
When I am gone one day, will anyone say that I made a positive difference in their life? I would like to think so, but would that be true?
What can we expect in life? Some go through life with no real purpose—perhaps that’s me? Some go through life and are driven to really accomplish something, some accomplishing their own personal goals for their own personal gain and some to really make a difference for someone else, or society at large.
I always relied on guidance from God I now believe, to make this choice, or that choice. Not to accomplish anything big, but to touch other lives in at least a minor way, to do the little things. Giving a smile on a bad day, a hand when they needed it, advice if they asked for it.
Lately, as my MS slows me down, I interact less and less with people. Even those at work, I only interact with on the phone. I still try to make a difference, but I feel my contributions are less and less significant. Is this my cue to bow out? Perhaps it is soon time to do that. Is it time to find something more fulfilling in my own community to do?
Going through my finances, I see that it isn’t quite time for me to be able to do that, but soon.
God bless everyone and may you all consider your choices carefully this week and make a difference to someone, no matter how small!


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