Friends and Family


I missed blogging last weekend because it was a family and friends weekend!
A dear friend that I have known for 40 years (since high school!) came for a visit with her husband. They were going to a family wedding just north of where I live and had time to come and stay overnight. Since they were coming, I also invited another friend who also went to high school with us, and lives not far from me, to come and bring her fiancé. It was a great visit.
We reminisced about old times, caught up on current times and generally had a great visit. Even though our respective spouses have not known each other as long as we ladies have, we all had a great time. At least I think we did. I certainly did and I hope that they felt the same way.
Cavan (my sweetie) smoked three full racks of ribs and two chickens along with these huge potatoes that individually could have fed a village. I got the easy part, and just prepared two different precut salads out bags. One of the great inventions of our time! The ladies were kind enough to help with all the tidying up, so it was pretty easy on me!
I have to say that it is nice to be able to get together. We have kept in touch now and then over the years and it seems, when we get together, that none of us has really changed. It is awesome!
So, that was the friends’ part of the weekend. Sunday, of course, was Father’s Day. My father and his girlfriend had gotten back from their Portugal/Spain trip just the previous weekend, so we got to see pictures and hear about their adventures. Two of my brothers also visited and we had barbequed burgers, salad, etc. It was lovely.
Dad and Sally have a lovely home in Napanee on the water. It is always nice to sit in their backyard and watch the birds. No swans this time, but lots of little finches.
I pray that everyone takes the time to visit with friends over the summer! It is so nice to keep in touch!


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