Go Paleo!


Well, folks I have been sticking to the paleo diet and I’m finally seeing some results.  I am down 10 pounds from when I started and, oddly enough, most of it came off this week.  What was the difference?  This week, I added warm lemon water first thing in the morning and extended my workout with the weights, using my Bowflex.

So, we will see where this takes me.  I’m happy to finally be taking off some weight.  As a matter of fact, Friday, I got up earlier than I usually do when I get to sleep in and I thought that the diet was finally giving me some energy.  Well, Saturday, I was back to dragging myself out of bed at about 10am.  I don’t know what happened.  Perhaps, the energetic day was a sign of days to come—we’ll go with that!

Saturday, I was barely able to run my errands and its good thing that I didn’t buy anything frozen because I had to rest a while before I had the energy to put away the groceries!  Today, I just have laundry to do and I wanted to clean up on the patio where I feed the birds.  I have to rest in between.

I have been asked if I get out of breath.  I don’t move fast enough!  No, my fatigue is the MS kind, where every ounce of me just wants to melt into the floor. I still try to avoid naps because I’m afraid that I won’t get through the work day.

Oh well!  If I get the weight off, how can I not feel better?  I’m sure that over time, all of this will get better.  Remember, I am the eternal optimist.

So, folks, next week I shall be in Ottawa.  Thursday, July 9th is the 10th anniversary of the passing of my mother.  In addition to visiting the cemetery, we are having a trip down memory lane at my brother Paul’s place.  Paul is the keeper of the photo albums, so we shall reminisce and laugh at old memories of our childhood and good times with each other.

It is funny, because as the oldest daughter, I left at the age of 22, when my youngest sibling was only 10, so there are lots of things that happened after I was gone, and I get to hear about those memories, as well.

Blessings to all! Have a glorious week and I pray that everyone has their own happy trip down memory lane from time to time.


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