My Birthday Week!


Hey folks!  I am back after my weekend away last weekend and blogging on this gloriously sunny Sunday, that is very hot and humid outside!

I had a great weekend last weekend catching up with family.  Cavan and I explored the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa on the Friday–a lot of walking.  We walked from the bed and breakfast we were staying at, toured the parts of the museum that we hadn’t gotten to the last time and walked back.  A very long and exhausting day.  But I really enjoyed it!  We caught up with my brother Paul for dinner (walking to and from the Baton Rouge!) and then crashed for the night.

Saturday was our reminiscing day!  Most of my siblings were able to get together to go through old photos and talk about old times.  Paul, our resident photographer, had scanned in many of the pictures and gave us each a beautiful wooden box with a USB drive with the pictures on it that he had time to scan in.  There are tons more that will takes some time to get through.  It is a wonderful keepsake.

Sunday we headed back home stopping at the Diefenbunker.  A bunker built to house our government (and gold!), during the cold war, in the event of nuclear war.  It was fascinating.  Us techies were amused by the old technology in the computer room and everything that was used back then.

The Sunday (the 12th) was my birthday and perhaps I’ll write about that next time.  Suffice it to say that my birthday didn’t end there!  My dad and his girlfriend bought Cavan and I tickets to the Pirates of Penzance play in Gananoque for the next Saturday (yesterday)!

So, yesterday, Cavan and I drove to Napanee and had a lovely afternoon with Dad and Sally.  They drove us into Gananoque, where we had a quick lunch and then saw the show.  It was quite a funny play.  When we returned to Napanee, my sister Carol and her family were there and we had a lovely dinner and evening together.

It was a lovely birthday week and a half!

I am truly blessed and I realize it the older I get!  Perhaps now is the time that I have the time to step back and realize just how blessed I am!


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