Good Sunday morning, everyone!  Here in the lovely town of Cobourg, there is a beautiful blue sky and a wonderful breeze. It’s pretty quiet, considering how close I am to the neighbors, but perhaps they are enjoying the weather elsewhere.

I was reading my very first blog, that I wrote over a year ago, where, among other things, I mentioned sharing my God given talent for writing.  Well, based on book sales, I am suspecting that the world at large doesn’t enjoy my writing as much as I thought they might.  I have given away more books than I have sold and truthfully, I think that the price point I am forced to set because of the cost of the copies I buy from AuthorHouse is rather high.  But, unfortunately, that’s what I am stuck with.

The good news is–and don’t I always have a positive spin on things?–I have three marketing opportunities set up.  One, I am having one of my books (Animals of the New Testament) featured with a catalog that will go to bookstores for Christmas sales.  Two, I managed to get a table at the Word on the Street Toronto, which will be on Sunday, September, 27th, hosted at Harbourfront Centre.  Three, I will be at Word on the Street Northumberland, hosted here in the lovely little town of Cobourg at their library on Saturday, November 7th.

I am hoping that I do meet some people interested in my stories.  I don’t think my books will win the Pulitzer Prize for literature, but I do believe that God guided me to write them to provide a new and unique way of telling Bible stories to young children.

I remember how much I loved to read to my  girls when they were young and I know that there are many people out there who like to read to their children and would like a new and fun way to tell some of the stories from the Bible.

So, I think that I will continue with the gift that God has given me, content in knowing that at least God is pleased with my gift and perhaps over time, others will see the value in that gift as well.

God bless and may you all find your own God given gifts to share the world.  Enjoy your week!


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