Paleo an Exercise


Hello everyone!  I’m blogging a bit early this week, but you will still see this post on Sunday.  I’m writing it ahead of time because my baby sister is here in Ontario with her new little one and they will be staying at our father’s home, only about an hour from where I live, so I will be driving into Napanee tomorrow to spend some quality time with my latest niece and some of the rest of my family.  I love family time!

Oddly enough, family time isn’t what I am blogging about!  I am blogging about my working on the Paleo diet and having added some exercise.  I will firstly confess that I fell off the paleo wagon in a big way yesterday.  It was Ribfest here in the resort town of Cobourg, but it rained most of the day.  After our chiropractor appointment, we were going to run a couple of quick errands and then go down to the Ribfest.

Suffice it to say the Cavan was really hungry, so he pulled into a Tim Horton’s.  I broke down and had a very tasty turkey club sandwich and the most decadent of all, a sour cream glazed donut.  I will confess that it was delicious, and as the deluge of rain continued, we even bought peanut butter cookies.  I will admit that those were not worth breaking away from paleo for, but there you have it.

We went to the Ribfest much later, without the rain, and succumbed to the special at Boss Hogg’s.  The ribs were not bad, but Cavan can do better, I liked the chicken, and even the pulled pork and beans, but all evening long, I was very uncomfortable.  I have paid for my straying from the paleo path, so much so that I was investigating the Whole30(r) diet.  I think I will give this a try in a few weeks, when I know that I don’t have any events coming up to encourage me to stray.

Now, the title of this blog mentions exercise.  I think I spoke about exercise in an earlier blog.  Co-incident with my paleo journey, work started this wellness program and issued a challenge.  The challenge is to do at least 900 minutes of exercise over six weeks.  For you mathletes, you know that equates to 150 minutes a week, or 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.  

I was already doing the 12 minutes of the T-zone Vibration machine 6 days a week, plus stretching, a bit of weight lifting and/or Bowflex and had added some elliptical training.  I will admit that this is a bit of a challenge even for someone doing as well as I am with multiple sclerosis.  But I am doing it and I’m even up to 13 minutes on the elliptical as of this morning.  Add to that this great little app I found for my Android called 7 minutes yoga.  This I would like to do twice a day, just to get away from my desk, but so far, I can only seem to fit in once a day.

What does all of this amount to?  Not a whole lot of weight lost (still only 12 pounds), but I am losing inches and, when I stick to the paleo plan, I feel good.  I’m still rather fatigued, but I realize that I am pushing the MS a bit much.

So, there you have it!  I’m working on a better me.  A better me, who still works full time, likes to write children’s books and loves to read!  I would recommend it to anyone!  Work on a better you and God willing, we’ll all be here to compare notes for years to come!  God bless.


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