Good sunny Sunday morning everyone!  I pray that your day is starting out as lovely as mine, at least weather-wise.  For me, it was an especially lovely week, as I got to spend some of it with my family.  The best part was that I got to spend time with both of my daughters!

Last weekend, my youngest sister arrived at my Dad’s home in Napanee with her darling new daughter, and what a little sweetheart she is!  Cavan and I went out to see them on Sunday and had a lovely day and I got to hold my new little niece many times and we had great chats.

Wednesday, my sister’s husband flew in from Vancouver, and Thursday, my oldest daughter had a rental car and came out to meet me and the two of us went into Napanee.  We had a wonderful afternoon and evening with everyone and Alysse and I got to chat about lots of things on the drive there and back.  I’m a little over an hour from my Dad’s place.

Yesterday, I drove into Oshawa to pick up my youngest daughter from the GO train and we drove together to Dad’s and spent the afternoon with everyone.  My brother and his partner were there from Toronto and my sister, her husband and two kids were there as well as my single brother, all from Ottawa.  So, it was a great time to catch up with quite a bit of my family and spend some more time with the latest addition to our family.

Family is very important to me and we are spread out from Ottawa to Vancouver, so we are unable to get together as often as we would like.  My two daughters are just over an hour away and yet we don’t get together very often.  My working from home keeps me out of the city (fortunately and unfortunately!), and both of my daughters, simply by the nature of their work, work weekends, so it is tough to find some time when we can get together.  When my youngest graduates from university, it will get easier, I hope!

Enjoy your family, on this lovely Sunday, God’s day of rest.  I pray that everyone has a wonderful week!


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