Animals of the Bible


Okay, folks, brace yourselves. This is my feeble attempt at marketing!

I have known all my life that I cannot sell or market anything.  So, you ask, why would I write and publish books?  I can’t imagine anything that needs sales more than books.  No-one, it seems, other than the publisher, makes much off selling a book.

I worked with a PR person who gave me some tools for marketing books and I have not used the tools for that, although I have used them to connect with people.  As my good friend Viv says ‘The 4300 Twitter followers I have are 4300 useless people, if they don’t buy books!’  Well, they are not useless people because I have learned quite a bit from them.  There are some that I follow that tweet stuff that I’m not interested in, but I am hoping that even though I seem useless at marketing my books through Twitter, I at least tweet things that are inspiring and let folks know they are not alone out there.

I am also on Facebook, and again, I am not using it to its full marketing capability.  I post mostly prayers on my business page that I either make up myself, or find on the internet.  I am hoping that those are also inspiring.  It is not selling any books, though, and I have only 60 friends who ‘like’ my business page.  How sad is that?

For those of you who don’t know, I self published four children’s books last year, aimed at the preschooler, to learn the stories of the Bible and each one is told from an animal’s point of view.  I haven’t repeated an animal yet, although I have a couple of different types of birds and cats.  I have donated more than I have sold and to be honest, I haven’t sold a single book this year–the few sales that I had, were last year.

I will be at the Toronto Word on the Street this year, on September 27th and Northumberland Word on the Street on November 7th.  I have also managed to get one of the books–Animals of the New Testament, that features Malah the mouse that lives under the manger –into the insert of the children’s Christmas books catalog that will go to hundreds of bookstores.  So, I have some hope before the end of the year.

For those of you who are interested in purchasing, they are sold by many online retailers, including Amazon.  You will find them here.  You will also find the website for the books here.

I’m afraid that this is as ‘salesy’ as I get.  I truly believe that these books are useful, or I wouldn’t have published them.  I believe that I was guided to write them, so that they could be enjoyed by young children.  God willing, they will be.

God bless you in all of your endeavors!


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