Has the World Gone Apple?


Good Saturday afternoon!  It is a rather dull, but not rainy at the moment, day in the resort town of Cobourg.  The perfect day to catch up on the week’s newspapers.  If it were cooler, I would say that it’s a great day to make some soup or stew, but although the temperature is a little cooler than before, it is still humid outside.  Very strange.

I write this this a day ahead of heading into Oakville with Cavan because he is buying an Apple computer (that he found on Kijiji no less!).  If you know Cavan, you will find this quite odd.  Although he has long since stopped being enamored with Windows (he much prefers Linux these days), he is actually going to be teaching Apple stuff to seniors.

By Apple stuff, I mean that he will be teaching iPhone 101, iPad 101 and MacBook 101 to seniors at the Cobourg Community Centre starting the 22nd of September.  He will also be teaching Windows 201 to seniors, as well, for those who want to know more than the basics of Windows.

I think he will be great at it and I also think that it is a great way to connect with the community that we have come to be part of.

What surprises me is that seniors want to get into Apple.  I’m darn near a senior myself and I have one of the old iPads (one of the originals!) that I hardly use.  Oh, I can read and respond to e-mail pretty much anywhere–my Sumsung Android phone, my Apple iPad, my Dell laptop from work in my front office, my HP Windows All-in-one workstation downstairs, or the Chrome Box I’m working on right now. But when it comes to much more than that, I have to stick with Windows.

From what I’ve seen, Apple does have the home market and doesn’t seem to be interested much in the business market, but it seems to be mostly the younger generations that are embracing Apple.  Both of my daughters have Apple phones, iPads and computers and they are in their mid twenties.  Us old fuddy duddys seem to stick with the older technologies.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  Who knows.  As long as we can connect with the outside world, we all seem to be happy.  Even my kids seem to be impressed with my over 4400 Twitter followers!  Imagine!  Who knew that was possible?

So, grab your technology and connect with the world out there!  I’m of the belief that one day, God or Jesus will find a way to connect with all of us through the many technologies out there.  Do you think they would prefer Apple, Windows or Linux?

Press on with your choice of technology and God love you all!


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