Life is Too Short!


While I was still trying to resolve the passing of someone from my company, I was informed of the quick passing of someone else I worked with.  Both were taken by cancer.  In this day and age it seems unbelievable that we lose so many to the many forms of cancer.  We are certainly trying to invest tons of money into finding cures.

I should point out that I also lost my mother and my oldest brother to two different forms of the disease.  Mostly it just seems that life is too short for some.  On the other hand, my dearest friend Viv will be 90 next year and she has two friends that are over 100!  So, what are they doing differently?  Isn’t that just the age old question!

I remember the Flintstone’s movie a few years ago, where Barney is bugging Fred for eating one of those huge drumsticks for lunch and telling him that he should eat healthier.  Fred says that what he is eating is fine and that his father died at the ripe old age of 32!  Okay it may have been 36 or 38, but it was thirty something.  You get the point.

So, basically, we are living longer for the most part, but we still seem to have these nasty diseases that can take us whenever they like.  Not to mention that many of these things didn’t even seem to exist years ago.  Mostly, I am referring to allergies. When I was growing up, you heard of the odd person with a peanut allergy and yet now, there are way more folks with food and other allergies.  What’s up?  Don’t we all wish we knew?

Suffice it to say that no longer how long you live, or the bumps along the way, life is too short, especially, if you don’t make the best of it.

We need to quit blaming others for the challenges in our lives and turn the challenges into opportunities.  Strive to do the things you want to do and give back to your community. That way, when your number comes up, you can say that you did your best to make the world a better place and while doing so, made yourself the best you could be.

God bless all of you with your challenges!


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