Challenging Week


Happy Saturday!  I expected to write about a challenging week in this blog, but I had no idea just how it was going to end.  And I’m still waiting for it to end!

I started the week at Toronto’s Word on the Street, where I didn’t even sell one book!  Very disappointing.  I did have some wonderful conversations with people who dropped by my table, though, and many took business cards, saying they would be in touch.  I wonder just how many will, if any.

I spent the night at my good friend Viv’s place, as Monday was a work day, and the following two days was spent downtown at a cybersecurity conference for work.  Wednesday evening, it got to go home and Thursday, I worked from home.  Friday, I awoke with a full blown cold!  Germs from the city, I suppose.  I am just hoping that the cold leaves as quickly as it came!

I popped some meds to try to battle the sneezing, coughing and runny nose stuff and actually managed to sleep alright, last night.  It almost feels more like a flu today, but I am managing to be upright to get a few things done.

This is starting to tell me though, that I should stay in my lovely little town of Cobourg, where I seem to be healthy.  Mind you, after the cybersecurity conference, I wanted to cut all ties with the internet world and never leave my house!!

So, this is a short blog, as I really need to go lie down for a while.

I pray this little blog finds everyone else healthy!  God bless you all!


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