Terrible Mother


My apologies for using this blog to whine, and I know I whine a lot!  

There was a time when I thought that I was an amazing mother.  People often said that even though I had been a single mother since my youngest was four months old and my oldest only two and a half, that I did more with my girls than most two parent families, and I have MS.

As time went on an I had difficulties managing money and bad things happened to my kids, I began to realize that I wasn’t so great a mother.  No matter what happened, I loved my daughters and supported them through all of their challenges, and mine.

My girls are all grown up now and I am so very proud of who they are and what they have managed to accomplish.

Okay, this the proud momma part.  My oldest is a hair stylist and not any old hair stylist, she does weddings and photo shoots.  Most recently, a wedding photoshoot that she did the hair for was on the cover of a wedding magazine in the UK!  My youngest, despite her challenges with the dyslexia, is in her last year of university and will graduate with a BComm.  Very proud momma!

Both girls live on their own and are contributing members of society.  I do pay for my youngest daughter’s tuition and books as well as the apartment she lives in.  As soon as she lands a decent job, she will cover her rent as well as her other expenses.

So, where does the terrible mother part come in?  My kids can never seem to get along.  Oddly enough, although they always seem to be in a fight about something, I know that in a heartbeat, if something happened to one of them, the other would be there to support them.  I know this because it has proven to be true time and time again.

Am I asking too much?  Life is never perfect, but what did I do wrong?  Why couldn’t I have raised them to be more tolerant of each other?  It seems to be too late to fix it now.  Although this has been going on pretty much all of their lives, I have tried just about everything!

I’m open to suggestions.I think that perhaps I need to get them together and just talk this latest issue  through.  The only thing is, I figure that it will only last until the next blow up.  Is that all I can hope for?  Will the wisdom of age help them over time?  It is only the three of us.  How tough can it be?

Okay, that is my whining for the week.  I’ll try to find something more upbeat to blog about next week.  God willing, there will be a truce between my girls.

God willing, everyone’s week will be a positive one!  God bless!


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