Busy Season


Okay, done whining for now!  My whining seemed to cause a bit of a ruckus.  My kids were informed that the fact that they cannot get along is not my fault and does not make me a bad mother.  I guess it’s just me.  I accept all kinds of blame.  Mind you, in this case I think that I should have taught more tolerance.  I would say shown more tolerance, but I don’t think that there are many more tolerant than me.  Next topic………….

We are coming into the busiest season of the year.  Being busy makes time go by very fast.  I can’t imagine the next two months going by any faster than the rest of the year!  It took me half of the year to get used to the fact that it was 2015!

So, Halloween is coming up on Saturday (yikes, still need to get candy!) and I have tickets to see ‘Harvey,’ with Dad, Sally and friends from Cobourg at the dinner theatre on Sunday.  The following Saturday is Word on the Street Northumberland, where I have another chance to sell my books.

After that, Cavan has Sunday evening practices for his upcoming afternoon performances with the choir school at Massey Hall on December 4th and 5th.  The following weekend, just the alumni of the choir school sing in Colgan, the home of the originator of the choir school.  

Then, of course, we get into full blown Christmas season!  Christmas is my favourite time of year!  I miss buying stuff for my siblings–we chose to only buy for nieces and nephews.  But that’s okay.  I have started shopping already, of course!  I was at a book signing for Neil Pasricha’s picture book–The Book of Awesome.  It’s for my littlest niece.  The pictures are great.  I have also shopped for my older niece.  I don’t quite know what to buy my nephews, but I’m sure I will come up with something.

I need to find a good time to get my lovely Christmas tree up.  One of the great features of this house is that it has a beautiful nine foot high window (about two feet off the ground) that is absolutely perfect for a tall, slim nine foot Christmas tree.  It’s beautiful!  It makes me very happy to have it there for Christmas.  As well as that, last year I finally put up my Christmas tree from the old house, in the family room downstairs.  I added a couple of ceramic trees and others that I had, that caused Cavan to call it ‘the forest.’  Just wait!  That threw down the gauntlet of challenge.  I didn’t put out all of the trees that I have.  This year, I will!  Big and small, I shall have all of my trees out!

Of course, in the midst of that, I still have work.  There is still lots to keep me busy finishing up the assessments for this year and planning next year.

So, now, I am on a mission to work as long as I can.  The longer I work, the faster I can pay off the debt I have accumulated while my girls finished post secondary school and got their careers off the ground. I achieved what I wanted and that is that they have no student debt.  Unfortunately, I have it, but I’m also in a better position to pay it off.

All is good.  As I always say, I am truly very blessed (despite my whining!).  I am grateful for every blessing and every challenge.  Let’s see what comes next!

God love all of you who read my blogs!  May you have a blessed week!


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